digital marketing guideline

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    Career in Digital Marketing

    If you’re highly interested to be a digital marketer then this is the right place. We’re mainly focusing to develop and share our digital marketing skills with everyone guided by video regularly. We arranged a live project where you can work practically with no fees. There is no requirement to share your earning with us. Just fill up this form step by step. We’ll knock the selected persons after reviewing the form. Make sure that you’re filling this form in English only.
    Note: If you’re looking for quick earning scheme then you should stay away. We provide guideline not training. Please remind, you’ll be terminated 10 days non-stop inactivity and permanently suspended for 30 days non-stop inactivity without any notice.


    1. Have your own Desktop/Laptop with Internet connection
    2. Good skills in English
    3. Capable to learn quickly
    4. Well passionate
    5. Have patience
    6. Have to complete provided tasks in time

    Our guideline module (6 Months):

    1. Web Research & Analysis
    2. Lead generation
    3. Facebook Marketing
    4. LinkedIn Marketing
    5. YouTube Marketing
    6. Quora Promotion
    7. Content Promotion
    8. Search Engine Optimization
    9. Email Marketing

    The possible earning ways:

    1. CPA Marketing
    2. Affiliate Marketing
    3. Freelancing
    4. Online Business
    5. Consultant